At Quertle, a search technology company, we have grown our work with BitsCrafters to encompass many projects. Thanks to their proven high quality work and cost-effectiveness, a relationship that began with a single, focused project has led to BitsCrafters being our sole software development contractor.

BitsCrafters has the ability to manage multiple projects for Quertle. Not only does the leadership work to integrate our separate projects, but the team leaders work among themselves to ensure the right connectivity and compatibility.

BitsCrafters excels at communication. We hold regularly scheduled meetings with our BitsCrafters teams, and also get real-time communication about all key issues. It is also a benefit to us that BitsCrafters has on-shore leadership, so that we can reach out 24/7. In addition, BitsCrafters has the ability to interact directly with Quertle's own customers when needed.

BitsCrafters is able to draw from multiple talents (algorithm development, web application development, user interface design and implementation, and IT support) as needed to support our projects. We have thrown some pretty difficult problems at our team at BitsCrafters, problems that were not solvable by other contractors. BitsCrafters has always delivered quality results, on time. I would highly recommend their services.

- Jeffrey Saffer, President, Quertle LLC
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